Hi! My name is Kristin Fair, the Designer and Founder behind Skyliner Studio.

I started Skyliner Studio to focus on creating handprinted artwork that empowers, uplifts, and sometimes just makes people smile.  I mean, who doesn't need a little pick me up once in a while? And maybe now more than ever!

All of the Skyliner products are screenprinted by hand. This sometimes results in slight variation between images, but also allows me to guarantee that every product you order, I made!

While I love a wide variety of art, I have always been impressed by the incredible power of a simple, playful sketch. My designs are intentionally that - simple, loose, whimsical, and fun.  I try to move fast from design to print so I can really capture that spontaneous feel, and to just have fun producing my art. I think that shows through in the finished product!

The most important thing throughout all of my artwork is that all of the images are continually focused on the mantra: Empower. Uplift. Smile.

If you'd like to see what I am currently working on, learn more about my process, or even have a chance to weigh in on what designs actually become products, then follow me on Instagram at @skylinerstudio.

And if you want to learn a little more about me, check out a few articles I've had the opportunity to be a part of!

Welcome to Skyliner Studio - I'm really happy you're here!

Empower. Uplift. Smile.